Livestock & Feed

Happy Animals

We believe in raising happy animals and want to help you do the same. At Grindstone you can feel confident in purchasing any of our meats as well as feed for your animals, knowing we share your committment to healthy, natural practices.

We decided a few years ago to raise animals at Grindstone Farm in an effort to better regenerate our fields and produce superior meats.  Our animals are raised humanely, they have access to the outdoors, they free range daily and have sufficient shelter for night.  They have never been vaccinated or given antibiotics.  They are free ranged in different fields on the farm and given NON GMO feed purchased from Pine Creek Farm & Feed in Lyons, NY.  We had such a great success with this NON GMO feed this year that we decided to become a local dealer for Pine Creek Farm & Feed.


This year we are purchasing Cornish Cross birds as day old chicks.  They will be kept in a poultry brooder with a heat lamp until they are big enough to be sent outside to roam the fields.  They will be moved around the fields with a trailer.  At night they will be corralled into the trailer for safe keeping until morning.


Broad breasted white turkeys will be purchased as day old birds.  They also will be kept in a brooder with a heat lamp until they are big enough to go to the fields.  They will then put in the asparagus fields to eat grass, clover, and bugs to rejuvenate the fields.  They will aslo be moved from field to field and corralled into a trailer at night for safe keeping from predators.


We are purchasing piglets when they are old enough to weaned from their mother.   They will be pastured throughout Grindstone Farm fields and in our orchards.  They will be fed organic vegetables from the fields and NON GMO feed purchased from Pine Creek Farm & Feed in Lyons, NY.

Chickens and Turkeys will be sold on the website when available.  They will be sold by weight.   If you are interested in a half or whole pig please go to our website to place your deposit.  If you have any questions contact us via email at or



About the food we grow and sell: We are farmers committed to sustainability. Grindstone Farm, LLC. has been a NOFA-NY Certified Organic grower of fruits and vegetables since 1988. In addition, we raise non-certified, “all natural, pasture raised, free range” livestock. As our marketing and distribution capacity has grown, we've added products grown by other local farmers. We have helped other farms become organic. We know our customers want to eat year-round - and our employees need a paycheck year-round - so we decided to supplement with “non-local” organic food from a wholesale source as needed. This combination works for us. We hope it works for you too. We are committed to providing source identified sustainable food to customers, and a sustainable living to ourselves and our local farm partners. Thank you for supporting community agriculture.